Sunday, September 28, 2014

Authenticity is Sexy

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The definition of being authentic is synonymous with genuineness.  My question today is that in our society of social etiquette and political correctness do people even know how to be genuine anymore?

When I say being authentic I mean being true to yourself regardless of how others will perceive you.  I recently, by some fun luck, met someone who reminded me how great it is to just be who you are.  It reminded me of my younger and less jaded self when I didn't care how I was perceived.  I found out then that either people loved me or they didn't.  The people that did stuck around and are still in my life.  The people that didn't I was better off without.  The best thing about the old me is that is when I was the happiest.  I was being naively true to myself no matter what, and it was awesome.  That girl used to be a tomboy who wore shirts two sizes two small from Goodwill, torn jeans and converse.  I was quirky and happy and I didn't care who it annoyed.  I was eclectic and I loved living in a dumpie apartment and doing what I loved..waiting tables and nursing.  I loved dying my hair and getting my ears pierced and learning guitar.  That was me.  The truth is, it's not easy.  It's easy as a younger person when we are carefree.  It get's more difficult and vulnerable as we get older.  Experience is a double edged sword that way.  We have to keep trying though, we have to fight against the urge to conform to something or someone we aren't.  Settling for anything.  NEVER settle.  I became way too preoccupied with society and what society wanted from me.  That's when I lost myself.  Today I say screw it.  I miss that carefree happy girl.  Every challenge I have been through has taught me a lot.  Most of all it showed me I want to be that girl again.  I know that will never happen, when things happen in life it does change you.  You can never go back.  BUT you can a better, smarter and improved version of that person you remember.  That is your essence, it's there.  It was meant to be expanded upon.

I couldn't even be saying this if it wasn't for the amazing close people that haven't been afraid to be mirrors to me.  They were not afraid to be real with me.  It's rare to find people that call your stuff out.  So when you find them, keep them around.  They are priceless.  BE one of those people too.  The truth is love, love is God and God is truth.  Other real people will listen and respect it.  That is awesome.  I have less than a handful of them but thankful for each and every one.  You know who you are!

We are our most sexy, awesome and desirable selves when we are true to ourselves.  People dig that s***.

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