Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Loyalty is Royalty

Happy Wednesday!

"Loyalty IS Royalty"

I came across this quote this morning.  At first I laughed, but then I thought about it for a second.  There is a lot of truth to this and not just for relationships but for every part of our lives.

We have all had issues with loyalty, or really the lack of loyalty.  I have definitely been guilty myself of cheating or betraying someone.  Usually it was not intentional, it came from my lack of sensitivity and selfishness.  It has a profound effect on the people we hurt.  It causes us to have trust issues from that point on. It becomes hard to believe that it won't keep happening over and over again.  Then we end up jaded with our walls up to prevent the disappointment of being let down again.  Being defensive or overly self-protective is the biggest hurdle to intimacy.  So, it's really a big snowball effect.  Ew.

If you think about it, royalty is the perfect way to describe someone who is loyal; at work, in their relationship, at home or with a friend.  It requires sensitivity and paying attention.  Sometimes sacrifice on our part.  It is priceless and these days very rare.  It's amazing how showing your loyalty to someone strengthens the relationship and builds trust.  There is one romantic relationship where I felt true loyalty from that person.  I never questioned him, never not trusted or even worried about anything really.  I felt so safe, comfortable and secure.  I knew nothing could come between us.  I have been on the other end also where I felt like the other person's loyalty was wavering and it filled me with fear, doubt and mistrust.  It ultimately caused me to distance myself, protect myself and was a big reason I ended up cheating on this person.  I guess  I felt like it was going to happen to me eventually, so why not be the first?

That being said, of course communication or leaving the relationship would have been the correct action.  I was confused and loved this person.  Looking back I learned a lot and hope to never make that same mistake again.  Ultimately it wasn't worth hurting the other person the way I did.  It is never worth losing someone completely when all that needs to happen is a conversation.

So I say let's try it! For real, commit to loyalty.  Think of three people in your life you can be more loyal too and make an effort to be the most loyal you can.  I am sure it will drastically change the dynamic of the relationship.

I love this quote, it is my new life mantra.

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